Welcome to Hyvor Blogs

Welcome to Hyvor Blogs

Congratulations on setting up your blog on Hyvor Blogs! Now, you have a beautiful place to share your thoughts freely with the rest of the world. Let's see some customizations you can do with your blog.

Custom Domain

By default, your blog runs on a subdomain of hyvorblogs.io, but we highly recommend you to set up a custom domain for your blog.

Custom Theme

By default, your blog runs on the Hello theme. However, you can easily choose a new theme for your blog. Visit our themes page to find all available themes. You can change the theme in the Theme section in the Hyvor Blogs Console.

Each theme has its own configurations (ex: accent color). You can change them by opening the config.yaml file in the Theme.

Are you a web developer? Check out our theme development guide, if you like to develop your own theme.

Writing your first post

All ready? It's time to write your first post. All writing is done inside our Console. Hyvor Blogs comes with a powerful editor with all the tools you need for blogging. You can edit this post or delete it and start writing a new one. You can write drafts and publish or schedule them. Head over to our Writing & Publishing documentation to learn more.

What's next?

Hyvor Blogs has a lot more features than explained on this page. A good place to explore those is our Documentaion. You will learn plenty of useful things there like setting up multiple languages, customizing routes/permalinks, etc.

Need help?

Happy blogging!